China Modernization

China Modernization

China Modernization

The US Globalists (Biggest US Banks, Manufacturers, Service providers) who helped catapult China into full industrialization by moving their own manufacturing equipment there, in the 1980's and 1990's, at an immense scale, so as to substantially cut their labor cost as well as re-imported product purchase prices, and thus were able to keep the salaries of the remaining US middle class the same for the last 40+ years, without causing a national revolution yet, now realize their mistake.

Therefore, they try to hinder China's development in all spheres that will diminish their super power position, specifically in trade, economic development, all industrial development, science and technology, the financial sphere, and even in the area of human resources.

Today is also China's 4th Industrial Revolution. However, their 1st was about 2000 years ago, their 2nd was during the Song Dynasty about 1000 years ago, and their 3rd began as described above. See videos below:


The 5 advantages that China has over the USA:

  1. China has a very strong social cohesion, resulting in what they call a "whole-process people's democracy";
  2. China has a unique, 1500 years old strong political and institutional management system;
  3. China has 1500 years experiences of opening & closing long distance trade over land and water.
  4. China is the world's largest trading country and also the largest trading nation in the history of humanity.
  5. China has a colossal domestic consumer spending (over 50% of its GDP) and a huge innovation market, which provides them with a large number of advantages and room to maneuver;

The USA trying to block this growth allows China to figure out how to withstand these threats and become even stronger, while greatly appreciating their (tor)mentor, as the Russians do likewise. Their 100-year-old goal of a rebirth of their nation is now becoming a reality.

Prosperity during the Song Dynasty in China ≈1000 years ago, where B-monks were already
sculpting & flavoring traditional 'meat-based' dishes out of mushrooms, nuts and vegetables.

During the C-19 lockdown, the above Song Dynasty TV-series was the #1,
with over 120 million people in China watching every episode.
What type of series was #1 in the USA?

Ever since the self-inflicted 9/11 distraction, through a controlled demolition of the Twin-Towers, the American political system gradually fell into disarray. American society is split. The "social contract" has failed. The political and economic elite have gradually taken all, but lost their credibility and reputation worldwide.

The 4 advantages the USA had/has:

  1. its waning hegemony in the global financial system;
  2. the waning soft power via strong alliance systems formed after WWII;
  3. the waning hard power via its huge weaponized presence allover the world;
  4. the waning ideological dominance, practiced through a very corrupted propaganda about democratic values and individual freedoms.

President Xi Jinping, in his address to the 19th National Congress of the Marxist Communist Party of China, outlined 3 milestones/challenges:

  1. 2021: at the CPC’s 100th anniversary, it will have built a comprehensive and moderately prosperous society;
  2. 2035: China has moved into the category of moderately developed countries;
  3. 2049: at the PRC’s 100th anniversary, China has moved into the category of most advanced developed countries.

In order to achieve these milestones, China's huge but less developed western part needs to produce and export westwards a continuously growing and evermore sophisticated amount of goods and services. It has therefore opened 3 corridors to the west, as can be seen below:

Besides borrowing some of the methodology and planning practices from the USSR, China brought lots of innovation into this process, replacing major decision making with strategic & guidance planning.

The Chinese Model of Development is different from the Western capitalist and Soviet communist models, because reforms in socialist countries, have shown 2 basic models:

  1. the Gorbachev model, is characterized by a radical nature, a political and economic shock therapy. The costs of such reforms are very high and they were not quite successful.
  2. The Castro model implying supportive conservative therapy. They did not build a market economy and were not included in the processes of globalization, and had to resort to spot adjustment and correction.

China concluded that a developing country like them needs to carry out modernization, by following its own path, which is characterized by balance, caution, prudence, and sustainability, not via the trap of "color revolutions”.

As a result, the Chinese government carried out bold economic reforms, built a market economy, and sufficient pipelines for oil and gas supply from its neighbors. They joined the process of globalization, with the ultimate goal of improving their people's living standards in every corner of the land.

The development of cryptography — particularly quantum cryptography — will eliminate the US ability to eavesdrop everywhere. Thus, they seem to want to control the key technologies, the finance and the logistics, and make everyone dependent on them, make everyone else a 'tenant'.

The Chinese are not curious about how the 'barbarians' in the West govern themselves as long as they’re subordinate to China, economically and technologically. The Chinese are the least ideological people in the world and the most pragmatic.

“In the future, 7-AI-controlled-rotating axis robots will no longer just be a tool to boost productivity but an advanced, smart assistant to humans, ushering in a new era of intelligent and individualized production, without the need for inventory”, stated China's Liu Yandong.

The combination of telecommunications, logistics, e-finance, e-commerce, blockchain, state-run cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and other applications, are the instruments of Chinese expansion.

The Chinese understanding is that every smartphone is a data gatherer. It’ll gather data on health, on consumer transactions, on the environmental traffic patterns. All of this data can be uploaded to the Cloud.

It can be processed by Chinese computers, and it can give China massive advantages in terms of industrial controls, health care systems, its environmental protection revolution, and green urban planning is transforming its economic and energy structure.

The Marxism-based Communist/Socialist Party with Chinese Characteristics, is merely another manifestation of the Mandarin administrative cast which has ruled China since it was unified in the third century BC. What holds it together is that the Chinese Empire has recruited, through the Mandarin Meritocracy system, the cleverest people from the provinces and aligned their interests with the center.

The former Emperors were often seen as a necessary evil. In China many want to be an emperor. Everyone strives for his own and his family’s power. What holds the country together is ambition. Therefore, it’s critical that the meritocracy be fair.

Thus, Xi Jinping’s daughter can go to Harvard, but no Chinese president can get his child into Beijing University unless she gets the right score on the gaokao, the university entrance exam.

The Chinese fundamental innovations during the Ming, Tang, and Song dynasties as well as under the current marxism-based entrepreneurial dynasty could therefore outperform a society based on 'winners take all' plutocratic entrepreneurship like the Western Industrial model.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was one of the most poorly-equipped and badly trained in the world, but the entire Military Force has now been reformed. Their missile forces, their satellite forces, their submarines, and so forth, are extremely good.

It appears that in China, there’s no group of people coming together, spontaneously, to do something together as equals. You have a superior and you have inferiors. There’s no concept of political friendship in Aristotle’s sense.

The new spirit of individualism and mass entrepreneurship is the most powerful driving force for the younger Chinese. The Communist Party of China founded the world's first Stock Exchange for SME's in Beijing.

In a very competitive society, people focus more on their interests in others than true friendships, except for your family where you have different standards.


2.6 and 2.8 km runways of 12+, often cloud-covered, mountain-top airports, here
straddling 1200 m-deep Yangtze River and Shennongjia mntns, 2800 m above sea.

The Chinese government looks at their growing technological dominance, both in terms of innovation and in control of major world markets, as the key to a Chinese Ecological Civilization, because 'Green is Gold', which allows them perpetual power and prosperity. Bitcoin, blockchain technology, 5G and digital assets are not a priority for the US-gov.

Global Digital Dominance


Huawei Management used the various 2019 US bans & sanctions to declare a global war-survival-like internal restructuring, and both incentivize and release not fully-motivated and inefficient personnel, and accelerate the investing in advanced cutting-edge technologies to continue leading the market and completely eliminate dependency on US tech firms, and as a result probably eliminate most of its global competitors.

It launched its HarmonyOS operating system and its Map Kit mapping software to compete directly with Google Android and Maps. It is also building another R&D facility to build all 5G components domestically.

Chips made by using photons

It will install Russia's Aurora operating systems in some types of its mobile phones, and form alliances with leading Russian IT R&D companies.

Its own Ascend 910, the world’s fastest artificial intelligence microchip, along with its Mindspore software, will place the company in the lead of the global AI race. Its latest is the mobil-phone Soc-Kirin-990-5G. This is a System on chip, an integrated circuit that integrates all components of a computer or other electronic system. These components typically include a central processing unit, memory, input/output ports and secondary storage – all on a single substrate or microchip, the size of a coin.

Microcontroller-based system on a chip

Jealous of Huawei’s number-two position in the world smartphone market, the US government has used law enforcement to threaten, coerce, and entice current and former employees to become spies for W-DC, impersonated Huawei employees for entrapment purposes, launching cyberattacks against company systems, and “obstruct[ed] normal business activities,” Huawei declared, further accusing the USDS of interfering with shipments, denying visas, and otherwise waging lawfare against the company. W-DC has even conspired with Huawei clients and competitors to try to get the company blackballed in the industry. Then, similar to the Alstom case, they forced the Canadian Government to hold hostage the daughter the Huawei's Founder for over 1000 days, on purely fabricated grounds. She returned home safely:

Thus, Huawei became the first Chinese company that has engaged the engineering and scientific elite of the West and with their help, seized a commanding technological lead worldwide, including healthcare/hospitals for virus control solutions.

Quite awhile ago, Huawei called Chinese-American technical experts back to China for photonic chip development in case of America begin sanctions. Now Huawei is the global leader in the next generation in super-small & super-fast photonic chip development.

The fact remains that none of Huawei’s core technology has been the subject of any criminal case brought against them. None of the accusations levied by W-DC have been supported with sufficient evidence. A global leader in its field can only happen through massive R&D and not theft! Huawei offered the USDS to sell them their latest open-source based 5G technologies for a one time fee, and modify & improve it wherever they want.

Such a transaction would give the buyer perpetual access to Huawei’s existing 5G patents, licenses, code, technical blueprints and production know-how. The acquirer could modify the source code, meaning that neither Huawei nor the Chinese government would have even hypothetical control of any telecoms infrastructure built using equipment produced by the new company. Huawei would likewise be free to develop its technology in whatever direction it pleases.

Thus, China offers technology that would stop the USDS-CIA-NSA from stealing everyone else’s data, a critical setback to them. Over the past 40 years China fulfilled all 5-year plans ahead of schedule; which frightens the Western World, especially the USDS Hegemon. Will China be a better or worse Hegemon?

"He who dominates will one day be dominated"

(law of duality and polarity)

Chongqing: 20 ramps at 5 levels up to 35 mtrs high.

DNA gene-sequence research revealed that the earliest ‘ancestor’ of the so-called (fake?) C-19 virus is mv1, which evolved into haplotypes H13 and H38, and they, in turn, led to emergence of the second-generation haplotype H3, which evolved into H1:

The H13 and H38, were never discovered in China. Only the H3 and H1 were discovered in Wuhan. It could have been thriving in a dormant stage in the (sewage) environment for decades. Research found that a part of the C-19 gene developed around 60,000 years ago during the existence of Neanderthals.

China has provided over 120 countries with general use medical masks, N95 respirators, protective wear, nucleic acid detection chemicals and ventilators. It is manufacturing more than a half of world’s stockpile of medical equipment.

So, does C-19 really exist as a virus, and/or is this all a giant hoax to eventually get
everybody inocculated with some mind-control nanobot, called covid-19 vaccine?


On top of all of this misery, China is forced to go all out to battle the worst floods ever in recorded history, along the Yangtze and Yellow rivers and their hundreds of tributary rivers, ruining villages, homes, factories, and most of their 2020 crops, besides the invasions of unprecedentedly huge swarms of locusts, threatening the nation's food supplies and livelihoods.

USA or China the ruler of the world island?

How does China's new nuclear sun replica work?

A unique Sovereign Union from Brest to Vladivostok, from the Arctic to Central Asia, could provide an Alliance for the new nations formed 30 years ago, and with still to-be-liberated nations in Europe. Freeing themselves from the shackles of the Anti-sovereign and Anti-social EU-Elite. Perhaps there could be an Alliance with the undeluded elsewhere in Asia, in Mongolia, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, and in Africa, and in the ex-Western colonies of the other continents of the earth.

Do we really want to live in a system in which there is freedom and social justice for all, in an Alliance with a Union of Sovereign Social Republics, but using only the W-DC controlled money-transfer system, called "SWIFT"?

Will China's CIPS (Cross-border Interbank Payment System) and Russia's System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS) become a better alternative?

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