Business Remediation

Business Remediation

Business Remediation Approach to Collections

What is the Business Remediation Method for Collection?

Very often, a debtor company cannot make payment because they have collection issues of their own, or have business management issues, or business practices that are silently affecting their bottom line.

Business Remediation is an intervention strategy where the Debtor company receives help in resolving cash flow and other issues, that impair their ability to settle the Creditor’s invoice.

Advantages of the Business Remediation Method

  • Less Costly than Factoring, Litigation or Selling to a Collection Agent:
    Recover up to 100% of the outstanding amount.

Many kinds of accounts receivable are ineligible for factoring. Factoring or selling the note to a collection agency may not be much more advantageous than writing off the debt. In any case, it is much better to be paid than to take a write-down or to incur the expense of litigation.

  • Creates a Win-Win.

The Creditor can resume business relations with the Debtor (if desirable) in a stronger, better position to pay on time in the future, thanks to the intervention of the Creditor’s Remediator.

  • Business Remediation can Ease Relationship Tensions.

Sometimes, a bad debt has been allowed to run on for too long and begins to sour personal relationships between parties internally and externally.

Through their unique compensation model and position, Business Remediators can take a hard line and give parties an “out”, whereby personal relationships can be salvaged and business relationships can be rehabilitated.

  • Business Remediation is a Low-to-No-Cost and No-Risk for all parties involved.

Business Remediators perform intervention on a No-Cure No-Pay Basis.

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