Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our Strategy


To minimize investor risk and maximize performance of investor resources, while maximizing the financial performance of our target companies. These companies are those that are the 20% who survived their first 5 years and have the potential to become one of only 20% who can successfully bridge their next 5 year period, or are already in their 3rd 5 year period of operation.


Enter into a non-disclosure agreement with the seasoned entrepreneur-owners of the target company.


Review their Balance Sheet and P&L statements of the past 4 years. Run these figures through our proprietary analysis software, and interview all stakeholders in the target company. This is a 2-day process. Present this analysis to the company stakeholders. This Consultant service is provided free of charge and will point up the financial and procedural weaknesses in the company, so as to avoid many future lost profits.


If the target company shows robust financial health and growth potential, we as Potential Partners will propose to explore the possibility of a Virtual Merger under a cooperative agglomeration model. This partnership model aims to significantly increase the market value of the company, by significantly de-risking the SME and thus become very attractive to private equity investors.


When the Virtual Merger is executed and the target company wishes to engage in a relationship with us as Partners / Consultants / Investors, then we, only after full Due Diligence (DD) research, will help the company management fix the lost profit issues in our analysis, and thus increase their financial health and profitability. We will be remunerated in stock in the cooperative agglomeration company, at a rate based on the improved company value.


The introduction of our Unique System of Infinite Improvement of Earnings: Agglomeration 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.

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