Personal Productivity Tools

Personal Productivity Tools

Timeless Wisdom Technology Tools
for getting what you really want
by removing pain or obstacles.
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The tools' basic elements are part and parcel of the basic make-up of every human being: There is no-thing new under the SUN !

Regularly practicing these tools will release blockages and as a result energize you and significantly improve the coherence of your attention-energy-beam:

  1. Visualization: The tool to visualize what you want.
  2. Alpha State: The tool to obtain the required mindset for a faster manifesting of what you want.
  3. Care 2 Cure Exhortation Practice: The key to rapidly weakening the cause of unpleasant bodily aches or sensations.
  4. Conflicting Feelings: The tool to remove conflicting feelings about somebody or something.
  5. Non Reversed Image mirror: The mirror that authenticates your actual image and expressions, as viewed by everyone else.
  6. Holistic Eye Care: The tool to reduce tension in eye muscle groups, often caused by trapped trauma.
  7. Whole Body Process: The tool to release tension in muscles, often caused by trapped trauma.
  8. Belly Breathing: The tool to breathe with belly & breast, to increase yr oxygen intake & energy level.
  9. Here & Now Centering: The tool to better center yourself in the Here & Now.
  10. Conscious Breathing & Touch: The tool to accelerate physical healing of others & self by applying energy of a higher frequency.
  11. Appreciative Attention: The key to deliberately changing the state of being of others and/or yourself.
  12. 3D-Spatial Attention: The tool to mastering various aspects of your gut feeling mechanism.
  13. 2D-Opiniating: The tool to surrender or deliberately change an opinion or judgment you have.
  14. Compassion and Empathy: The tool to shift the source of your attention beam from head to the heart.

You will not be able to create and feel bodily sensations, if synthetic painkillers are still active in your body.