European Union

European Union

European Union
Past, Present, Future

During the 20th century, 3 big stories tried to explain the whole of human history, and to offer a vision for the future of Europe and the World as a whole.

These were the fascist, the communist, and the liberal stories.

The fascist story said that history is a struggle between different nations. Fascism envisioned a world dominated by one human group that violently subdues all the others.

The communist story explained that history is not a struggle between nations, but between classes. Communism envisioned a world in which all human groups are united by a centralized social system that ensures equality even at the price of freedom.

The liberal story explained that history is a struggle not between nations or classes, but between liberty and tyranny. Liberalism envisioned a world in which all humans cooperate freely and peacefully with minimum central control, even at the price of some inequality.

WWII & Cold War knocked out the fascist and communist stories, and during the last several decades, the world has been governed by the global, liberal order.

This order is based on the understanding that all humans share some core experiences and interests, that are all subject to the same universal values, and that no human group is inherently superior to the others.

A unique direct democracy in Switzerland

Cooperation is therefore much more sensible than conflict. All humans should work together to protect their common values and advance their common interests.

To foster such cooperation, liberalism has advised us to strengthen international laws and organizations, and to ease the movement of ideas, goods, and people across the globe.

Although the global liberal order has many faults and problems, it proved superior to the other two alternatives.

The liberal world of the early 21st century is more prosperous, healthy, and peaceful than ever before.

For the 1st time in history, we are more likely to die from old age than plaque, from obesity than starvation, and from an accident than violence.

Surveillance Capitalism


Did Liberalism create a world in which sugar is more dangerous than gunpowder?

Although many are better off in 2020 than 1220, people have lost faith in the current neo-liberal order, where nationalist and religious groups view their human group above all others; where national governments restrict flows of ideas, goods, and people, and where surveillance capitalism undermines international & privacy laws and organizations, and build walls on earth and in cyberspace.

As more people begin to build walls inside their mind, what viable vision for a new global order might replace the neo-liberal one, if only nationalist ideas exist about how to advance your own country, without morphing into imperialism?

Is it a nationalist international, that will reduce these flows, but trades and coexists peacefully as nation states with their own sacred identities and traditions, and without multiculturalism and a shadow global elite? A network of walled but ‘friendly’ fortresses? Will they really agree on common rules?

However, the EU has become a “centrally managed organism,” of non-elected bureaucrats, devoid of democracy, rather than a partnership of member states. Unfortunately, today we are dealing with a very dangerous phenomenon whereby various European Union institutions usurp powers they do not have under the Treaties and impose their will on Member States. It is run by institutions deprived of democratic control by the citizens of European countries.

These globalists are waging a hybrid war by interfering in the political process of a member by withholding resources. They created an economic governance that dissolves the sovereignty and national independence of the member states, such as joint borrowing and the single currency. Europe is almost paralyzed by the fact that the institutional system originally created to ensure cooperation has turned against its masters, the member states, as a kind of golem. Today, the member states cannot control this cancerous bureaucracy anymore.

We know that without a global Network and order, national economies will collapse and people will starve.

Humans today face 3 unprecedented common problems that can only be solved through global cooperation:

  1. Nuclear war,
  2. Climate change,
  3. Bio-eng & AI crisis (4IR)

The liberation of the Global South & East via the Ulraine:

Building walls might trigger an AI or genetic arms race, where humanity will be the loser.

Building trust and a global economic safety-net against AI disruption is the solution. These two will prevent global chaos, violence, and immigration waves.

In order to protect the safety and prosperity of your compatriots, you must cooperate with foreigners. Nationalists can also be good globalists.

True globalism means:

  • Commitment to some global rules, regulating relations between nations, like the world-cups in team-sports,
  • Sometimes global interests should trump national interests, like drug-free sport events, or slowing down development of dangerous technologies to avoid global catastrophes,
  • Harmony without uniformity, like a small orchestra without a controlling conductor, or the EU still trying to create effective cooperation between 100’s millions of people, without imposing a single government, language, or nationality on all.

EU future

3 seas initiative of the 12 central european countries

EU broken up in a W-EU and an E-EU?

Governments/media should give more weight to global problems/interests, and
should stop lying to their compatriots via fake news !!
EU Leadership to be super-flexible & adaptable !!
EU Leaders should know themselves better !!
EU and EAEU becoming One Union?

Wellspring & Balcony of Europe in Nerja, Spain

Some of the above is a summary of a presentation given by Yuri Harari.

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