Orgone Zappers

Orgone Zappers

Orgone Zapper

Mini Silver Terminator (MST) Zapper

Ailments that the Orgone Zapper has helped people terminate are: Cancer, Asthma, Aids, Arthritis, Allergies, Chronic fatigue, Candida, etc., because the Zapper destroys Parasites throughout the Body, using a specific DC pulse that energizes the immune system and kills Viruses, Bacteria, Worms, Mold/ Yeast Fungi!

The US Center for Disease Control recently discovered the average American has two pounds of parasites (around 300 different species). Why not unload the badly behaving passengers?

A friend of mine told me the following story:

"I injured my right leg in an accident in 1998. I have not been able to walk down stairs without excruciating knee pain since that time. After having the zapper strapped to my right leg for a day, I realized that I had NO MORE knee pain!! Then... I noticed something on my arms! White Spots!! Where did they come from??

Another reason I wanted to try the zappers was to get rid of a hard to eradicate unusual type of fungus, similar but not the same as the athlete’s foot fungus. The dermatologist said if the cures I had already tried didn't work, there was nothing else he could do. He also noticed that I had "kerotosis", a brown, large freckle that is part of the skin cancer family. Since it was not malignant, he suggested to do nothing and just live with them.

I also noticed that these white spots were in the same place that the fungus had been. These spots do not tan, and when cured, it will leave white spots. I looked at my white spots and realized that the zapper had done something my doctor's prescriptions couldn't do! The zapper had gotten rid of my fungus spots!! WOW!!

Well... if the zapper had already taken away the pain in my knee, and gotten rid of the fungus, then I had better wear it a little longer and see what it does. A while later, I saw something on my arm that looked like a splinter. I pulled it off and saw that it was a small piece of hard skin. As I examined it, I realized that it was one of the "keratoses" the dermatologist told me about and suggested to just live with them!!

Of the hundreds all over my arms and legs, some were ready to fall off, and so I pulled them off. The rest simply disappeared! Now I have to use a magnifying glass to find them! I never even expected the kerotoses would go!! My entire leg is so much better that I can wear regular shoes for the first time in years!! So, let me recap... So far, the zapper got rid of parasites, fungus and viruses in knee, leg, ankle, and skin everywhere:

After these positive experiences, I wondered if the zapper could cure a rare cold sore virus. This virus lives in my left ear and causes me pain and agony. It has gone into my brain and caused spinal meningitis two different times. This virus stays inside the body and attacks the nerves and showed up as shingles on the skin that NEVER go away, according to the dermatologist! However, the zapper did!

Making and placing a bunch of small orgone generator cones around my house made the home feel smoother and alive. The cones are keeping my home more calm and serene. I concluded that parasites are the cause of most cancers. Thus, getting rid of parasites, like fungi etc., should get you rid of cancer cells as well!"

Positive Voltage Bias (PVB)

The 15 HZ square-waves with positive voltage offset seen on the oscilloscope, is an exclusive feature with every MST built. It is called PVB, or Positive Voltage Bias. The use of PVB guarantees that all of the zapper's pulsing current will kill pathogens, and not allow even a momentary negative current flow at the zero line border region, because a negative current would invigorate pathogens rather than kill them.

Therefore, a ¼+ DC volts to the bottom of the pulsing square wave, as seen in the image above, is added to eliminate any possibility of the square wave ever touching the Zero Volt line.

A longer mobius coil is added to produce a substantially larger scalar field around itself, which will radiate that field deeper into the auric body field, which in turn influences the physical body even more positively.