New World Order

New World Order

New Polycentric World Order

The seeds of what is happening today were sown back in July of 2000, when President Putin met with Chairman Kim Jong IL of N-Korea. A Joint Declaration was signed that stated in Clause #1:
'The DPRK and the Russian Federation will be creating a multipolar world and building a new, fair, and rational international order based upon the principles of equality, mutual respect, and friendly cooperation':

“authentic democratization”

This seed laid the most significant historic foundation for the anti-imperialist and self-determined multipolar world in the 21st century, for the sake of the future of the whole humanity.

Digital Ruble

A Russian-led New Polycentric World Order is in the making at a very rapid pace, whereby Russia is the global-intellectual, cyber & military development, cultural, and natural resource center, and China is the financial, economic, industrial, and technological development center.

On August 1, 1923, the All-Ukrainian Executive Committee and the Council of People’s Commissars of the Ukrainian SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic) adopted a joint resolution on the beginning of the process of Ukrainianization.

The decree stated: “The Ukrainian language shall be chosen as the predominant language for official relations.” It prohibited the employment in state and Soviet institutions of people who did not speak the language. This was a disaster for the Russian-speaking Donbass, where Ukrainian-speaking people were hard to find.

So, this is how it all began. One hundred years later, Vladimir Putin and friends are now forced to correct this local problem, and, at the same time, to correct the global one, the ending of the unilateral rule of the global Hegemon, the USA-EU:


The multiple provocations from the USDS, NATO, and AUKUS (Australia, UK, USA) Alliance, could change this rapidly into the core of a broader Eurasian military/energy alliance to counter-weigh US nuclear primacy, such as the Community for Democracy and Right of 4 Nations and the Donetsk & Luhansk "People's Republics" joining the CSTO and the EAEU, the Eurasian Economic Union:


Russia’s doctrine of peace enforcement, which mixed diplomatic, political, informational, and military tools into a very effective package, which is manifested in their unparalleled electronic warfare systems, their unequalled military might & materials, diplomacy & conflict management, and strategic & tactical war management systems, ensures victory over any opponent.

Su-33 Jet landing on Russian Carrier

Russian military technology has gone through a revolution every 3 months since early 2022, and they are constantly finetuning it.

They are now fighting with weapons they didn’t have then, because they didn’t exist then, whereas the West is still walking around in the same circle.

Operation Barbarossa-2 is NATO's plan to attack and finish off Russia forever using the Ukraine as a Trojan horse, by training Ukraine's 30,000 Nato-Nazi gangsters & terrorists plus the entire Ukraine's military, supply them excessively with heavy attack weapons and bio-weapons of mass destruction, as well as launching, the hidden remainder of the 1800 Cold War Soviet nuclear missiles from Ukraine territory, fueled from their own uranium mines, starting on March 8, 2022. A major tragedy for their people and the world.

The EAEU, the Shanghai Co-operation Organization (SCO) founded by Russia and China, ASEAN, RCEP, and China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, plus all the Asia-based Currency supply/exchange systems, will form a new geopolitical architecture, under Russian legal supervision, that bring together all Eurasian countries first and gradually more African countries, for facilitating ‘cooperation in political affairs, resource distribution, economy and trade, scientific-technical, cultural, religious, educational spheres, and Energy, called the EURAFRASIAN UNION.’

Russia is the only candidate, acceptable by all, to legally script and oversee this formation.

Leading Russian economist Sergey Glazyev says a complete overhaul of the western-dominated global monetary and financial system is rapidly under works. And the world’s rising powers are buying into it. Sergey Glazyev is a man living right in the eye of our current geopolitical and geo-economic hurricane. One of the most influential economists in the world, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and a former adviser to the Kremlin, has helmed Moscow’s Ueber strategic portfolio as Minister in Charge of Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasia Economic Union.

He further states that: "Until the Russian Central Bank removes speculators from the currency market and allows commercial banks to become such, the ruble exchange rate will not stabilize. So, unfortunately, the monetary authorities have not yet come to their senses and have not begun to implement the correct policy of macroeconomic stabilization.

However, when they do, in general, two decisions need to be made: (1) to fix the currency position of commercial banks and (2) introduce the norms for the sale of foreign currency for non-trading operations, to keep the freely convertible foreign exchange market only for trading operations. That’s all. This can be written in 15 minutes and announced within a day, introduced within three days – and the ruble will stabilize."

Russia in Africa using the Wagner Group

France controls the monetary sovereignty of over 200 Mio people in 14 African nations. Imperialism was controlled through tanks, now it comes through banks, by controlling the money supply, and therefore labor & raw materials at low prices.

Finished goods were returned to Africa at above-market prices. This neo-colonial system is called Francafrique, with the expensive CFA franc as currency, thus annulling economic growth. These States have only access to 30% of their money. Thus, a huge French money-making-machine from exploiting Africa.

China is building huge infrastructures, but the Russians, through free delivery of wheat & fertilizer and security matters through the military Wagner Group, paid for by exclusive access to gold & diamond mines at a more equitable basis, is gaining more and more political influence.

The map of West Africa began to change radically in 2021. Like dominos, pro-French regimes began to fall to military uprisings, who demanded that the French military leave the country. The military rebellion in Niger in 2023 also expelled French forces and banned the export of uranium to France, despite the US & UK cutting off any further aid.

These new leaders condemn the looting of the continent by European powers, the new leaders call Russia part of the African family. The friendship between the peoples of Africa and Russia stretches back to the 18th century.

The attempted Italian invasion of and subjugation of Ethiopia ended in a catastrophic failure for the colonizers, with Russia providing crucial assistance to the Ethiopian nation fighting for its sovereignty and independence.

The Soviet Union became the “armory of the oppressed” for many young nations of Africa seeking their independence from their colonial masters, as arms and ammunition produced in USSR were delivered to the many revolutionary and anti-colonial forces in the region. The memory of this solidarity is still fresh in the minds of many Africans, young and old.

The support and admiration for Russia echoes across the African continent, beyond the former colonies of France. Several new leaders loudly proclaimed: “We are Putin, and Putin is us! And we will never support imperialism against President Putin!”

A true sense of change seems to be sweeping across Africa, away from the old European colonizers and towards a new multipolar, polycentric world.


Despite being sanctioned by the countries of the so-called collective West, due to Russia’s SMO, Moscow was able to add a total wealth of over $600 billion in 2022, revealed by Credit Suisse and UBS, as per their report.

Russian millionaires are now at 408,000. As they fed the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, the USA’s wealth lost $5.9 trillion. North America and Europe together, grew $10.9 trillion poorer. Over 1 million Americans lost their millionaire status. Overall, in 2022, global wealth declined for the first time since the Great Recession of 2008.

2024-BRICS 11

The Russian people have introduced a new form of Games called the:

Phygital Sports Tournament
Games of the future: Physical/Cyber-sports

Mira the firebird

“This is a bird made of light that represents a neural network guiding humans through the world of phygital sports. The firebird exists fully in a dimension that’s different from the material world. It’s an image that’s even hard to capture on paper. It only exists in our virtual metaverse.”

This mascot will also have 5 virtual companions representing the ‘challenges’ involved in the phygital tournament: sports, tactics, strategy, speed, and technology.

The first Games of the Future in Kazan will bring e-sports and traditional athletic disciplines together in one tournament.

Putin: “These games clearly demonstrate that harmonizing intellectual and physical perfection is one of the absolute priorities of the emerging multipolar world.”


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