Mid-size Law Firm

Mid-size Law Firm

Mid-size Law Firm

This mid-size Law Firm’s unique culture created stresses on space use, time use, and document management. Differing document management styles throughout the Firm made it difficult for the Records Manager to efficiently manage all aspects of the Firm’s needs.

Solutions that supported all desirable aspects of the Firm's culture were of paramount consideration. The challenge was to map a way forward that would support the Firm's culture, lower resistance to adoption, and get the "buy-in" from several dozen Partners.

Our study revealed that the aspects of the Firm’s culture that contributed to its stresses were also the very same cultural assets that could effectively remedy the problems.

We presented a detailed analysis of the Firm's culture, and a step by step plan for gradual implementation designed to remove barriers to adoption and create opportunities for buy-in at every stage.

Recommendations for adoption of uniform doc. management measures, better on-site and off-site storage and file tracking, and gradual migration toward an electronic archive showed that the Firm could re(gain) over the next 5 years:

  • over $4 million in otherwise “lost profits” through higher operating efficiencies,
  • around $20 million in additional revenues from optimizing practice growth through better use of existing space.

A sanitized version of the report can be viewed for your perusal.