Bank Head Office

Bank Head Office

Bank, headquartered in the Carolinas

This Bank uses up-to-the-minute document scanning and archiving technology in its Loan Department. Workflow and staffing infrastructure, however, were bottlenecks in document flow into and through the scanning department.

This resulted in (1) a delayed access to the documents in the scanned archive and (2) customers' diminished perception of the bank's reliability.

Our mandate was to create better efficiency in document flow through the Loan department, without the addition of any equipment or personnel.

Through our interviews and time study, we determined that the scanning department's efficiency was impaired by the way the documents were arranged and tracked before they reached the scanning department.

Implementation of a document collection policy, with improved tracking and procedures reduced the number of documents handled directly by the scanning department.

To assure accuracy and accountability for the integrity of the database, the workload was divided more equally among stake-holding personnel.

Results: Everybody got what they wanted:

  • Error capture and risk management have been significantly increased,
  • The scanning department's capacity to process new Loans increased by 30%,
  • Stake-holders have access to scanned Loan documents within hours rather than days,
  • Stake-holders now have the desired level of control over, and accountability for, trailing documents w/o significant increase in individual time/task burdens.

Net: increased efficiency & capacity, doc. compliance, and confidence in the integrity and availability of the scanned archive without additional equipment or change in personnel.