Large-size Law Firm

Large-size Law Firm

Large-size Law Firm

This large Law Firm has over 100 attorneys served by a record management department of just a few people.

Efficient use of software, high density storage, color coded end tab filing, offsite storage, and an active record retention policy made their record department a model of efficiency – however, at a cost.

Their focus on minimal personnel in the records management department meant that many non-revenue-generating tasks were forced onto higher-pay-scale personnel.

Assistants poorly performed or resisted those record mgmt tasks that fell well below their competency level. This often necessitated a “do–over” by the Records Manager.

Our analysis of their time and lost profits quickly showed that adding one individual to the record management department to perform a specific set of file management tasks would increase the output of billable work by the Assistants.

It would also decrease the rate of filing errors and “do-overs” by the Records Manager. These relatively minor changes will cause the Firm’s net profits to increase by over $1 million during the next 5 years.

A sanitized version of the report can be viewed for your perusal.