Automotive Shop

Automotive Shop

Automotive Shop

The owner believed that in order to retain full control over his shop he needed to micromanage all aspects of everyone's day, and thus work 70-80 hours per week all year round.

By giving only verbal instructions to his employees and entering only into verbal agreements with his customers, he manipulated the truth of what he had said in order to stay in control.

Obviously, this created animosity and resentment among his work and business associates. It also played a part in several heavy family losses. As a result, his business’ operating efficiencies and his net profit were far from ideal.

Although he had great personal skills in the kind of service his shop provided, he had never gone to school to learn how to manage a business like a business. He knew his business was in trouble, but had no clue of its cause, nor how to fix it.

We set up for him a simple pre-determined profit- and budget-based management system with a custom designed database, new computers and software.

Then we trained his personnel and coached him in changing his basic thinking about people and running a company.

This created a better-functioning, more profitable and more enjoyable work environment, that allowed everyone more opportunities to reach their full Potential.

Shifting his management focus and time priorities created ways to repair the strained family and business relationships.