Your Unique Edge?

Your Unique Edge?

Your Brand's DNA, your unique Edge?

Just like humans, a brand has DNA, which is what makes it unique. The brand DNA is the brand's personality, the core of the brand that support the brand positioning - the elements, values, traits that make this brand different than others.

For long term growth, you need to manage your business according to the brand's DNA. This means using the brand as a management tool, making sure that all your internal & external business activities are aligned to it.

Not only does it make the decision making process in the organization easier, it creates higher brand equity which is an intangible asset that can actually be worth a lot of money.

If it's not according to the brand, it's a no go. Studies found that for B2B companies, the brand equity is responsible for over 7% of the stock's performance!

Before you can use your brand DNA, you need to build the elements that create the DNA - your brand personality. Your brand personality should differ your business in a way that is valuable to a specific customer base.

Your values, tone, look & feel, promise, purpose are the DNA elements that are your brand's identity, just like any human being's unique features.

Ask yourself : “What is our uniqueness?”

  • Are we the fun people to do business with? Do we have the best ideas and reputation?
  • Are our products/services very user-friendly? Do we project urgency in problem solving? 
  • Are we un-biased? Are we the acknowledged specialists? Are we dominant in our niche market?
  • Are our offerings the most useful? Are we the most reliable? Is our entire network easily accessible?
  • Do we care 2 connect well enough with our prospects & clients to allow them to actively co-create our unique values and offerings?

Positioning made simple:

Positioning is not about Brand or Product or Service category awareness but about your uniqueness in that brand or category that provides added value to your customers.

Only one name holds the top position in the “mind-slot” of someone. Occupying that slot is the name of the game.

Create a meme around “your true value-adding advantage”:

Create a meme that can dictate your positioning. It should be an ultra-specific proof and differentiation that makes people feel you are over-delivering on value to make their lives easier. If you do not do this, your customers will place you in their minds but possibly not in the slot you desire.

If # 1 in an existing category is not possible for you, create a new category and make yourself # 1.

We recommend to also use some of the secrets of the science of persuasion to market your uniqueness:

Recommended Reading: Jay Conrad Levinson’s books about Marketing in the New Millennium.