Question Based Conversations

Question Based Conversations

Another one of our Human Capital Tools is

QBC: Question Based Conversations

"A statement closes, a question opens the mind"

Main Objective:

To acquire the Art of helping others shift from a state of mental uncertainty or paralysis to a state of surrender and readiness for change by merely asking questions, rather than making statements.

Most people are only prepared to change when their issues become detrimental enough to justify a change in behavior.

That’s why it is critical to uncover the implications of the issues that get raised. Once someone acknowledges an issue as being important, probe then further until the WHY of an issue will shift their perception.

Gain Credibility by asking specific issue questions. 'Paint pictures' around the questions and answers to allow a shift of brain hemisphere. Alternate between being compassionate and emphasizing the dilemma. Do not accept guessing answers. Ask for proof. Be a fascinating conversationalist!

Gain Control over the conversation by asking implication questions. Dig deeper until you get an “I don’t know”.

Create Urgency by making the pain very real: “Who else is hurting from this (crappy) situation?” Try to shake him/her out of their comfort zone, while continuously practicing the HC tools on them.

Condition the client by alternating between what he/she believes and what is fact, between what they hope for in the future and the pain they feel now. Never agree with them. Stay always neutral.

This Socratic/Platonic method of conversing helps others shift out of a left-brain lock-up. Their attention is stuck in narrow focus and needs to shift to a much broader focus.

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