Homes & Offices

Homes & Offices

Developments of Domiciles and Offices
"Beauty is the promise of happiness"
How human needs and desires
manifest their ideals in architecture.

my temporary 'Heaven on Earth' at age 40

Residential sub-division called Neptune's Landing
with 26 (ز) homes and individual boatslips

Virgo Homes in the Woods

The following exterior and interior designs
follow the golden φ (Phi), π, royal cubit ,
and Egyptian Fibonacci proportion number series

Concrete 'Bridge' as Driveway+Parking

300 meter deep water well

Front Entrance of 4000 sf. 'Tree' Home

Deck Bridge to Home surrounded by existing Trees

Great Room and rear Deck in the woods

Kitchen seen from Great Room.

Stairs laid out as 3-4-5 proportion triangles

Kitchen and Sunny Breakfastroom

Great Room seen from Kitchen

Whirlpool in Bathroom

Flower of Life pattern ornament in MBR ceiling

My Appalachian Getaway


my 'DREAM HOME' with pond and pool at age 30

Dream home, trees, and pond covered by snow

Entrance Hall                                   Great Room

Dining Room - Library - MBR - Den - Porch

Self-designed, owned free/clear, at age 37
Our two story - Offices - Warehouse
Parking Garage underneath