Cannabis Challenges

Cannabis Challenges

Cannabis Challenges

Common Cannabis leaf problems and how to fix them

Under Watering & Over Watering
When underwatering a cannabis plant, the leaves start to droop s if they are hanging. Growth will also slow down. Overwatering will cause the leaves to curl downwards because they are full of water. Growth will also slow down tremendously and will begin.

Nutrient Burn
Nutrient burn is essentially what happens to your plants when you’ve been feeding them too strong of a nutrient mix, and/or too frequently. The edges of your leaves will begin to brown and look crispy like they were burned, and growth will slow down drastically.

Light Burn
If the leaves closest to the light begin turning yellow, raise the lights 6-12 inches.

Incorrect pH range
If the nutrients and water are in the wrong pH range, the plants go into a nutrient lockout, in shock, and are no longer absorbing nutrients.

Nitrogen Deficiency & Toxicity
Watch the N-P-K Ratios: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium. When the plants lack Potassium, the leaves begin to turn a bright yellow and will die. Add a nutrient high in N, except close to harvest, when the buds will pull N out for one last boost in growth! N-toxicity, is caused by too much N. The leaf ends curl downwards and turn dark green.

Spider Mites
Spider mites, and most other pests, hide on the undersides of your fan leaves and need to be removed early on. They look like spiders crawling and nibbling on leaves. Tiny and light-colored spots that look like tiny speckles are early signs, which should be taken care of right away. If not, you will see webs looking like spider webs, covering leaves and plants. Ladybugs will eat all of them quickly.

Aphids hang on the undersides of the fan leaves. They are tiny and green and have long grasshopper-like legs. They suck the nutrients and water out of the fan leaves, which causes them to wilt and die. Bring in the Ladybugs asap.

Powdery Mildew
White powdery mildew comes from too high humidity, coupled with low airflow. Use mildew eliminating spray, lower humidity, and increase airflow in the room.

Bud Rot
Overwatering, high humidity, and low airflow cause bud rot. It starts from the inside and will slowly turn them brown and moldy until the whole bud is ruined. Increase airflow, lower the humidity, and cut off all infected buds.

Heat Stress
The temperature should be around 75⁰F at all times. If higher, the fingers of the fan leaves will begin to fold up longways.

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