5G NW Slicing

5G NW Slicing

5G Technology

If 3G is a 2-lane highway and 4G is 6 lanes, 5G turns it into 12 lanes. 5G has zero latency, which is the time it takes for the signal to go back and forth from a phone to the network.

5th Generation wireless broadband technology is the latest generation of mobile internet connectivity, is 10-100 times faster and offers more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than the current 4G network.

It has a connection density that supports billions of devices, with average download speeds of around 1GBps. It will give carriers a huge new capacity for cellular traffic.

5G provides the infrastructure needed to carry enormous amounts of data to massive IoT applications that 4G systems cannot handle. It is scalable and energy efficient enough to power the steady growth of new connections and advanced technologies.

5G will not replace 4G LTE but work complementary to handle different types of traffic most efficiently to ensure 'connection' no matter where you are.

Remote surgery could allow people from far-away or poor regions, as well as war zones, to receive immediate help from top doctors around the globe. Due to its large bandwidth and low latency, 5G enables “extremely low operational delay”.

Network Slicing (NS)

NS allows a network operator to provide dedicated virtual networks with functionality specific to the service or customer over a common network infrastructure.

What is Network Slicing?

NS allows multiple virtual networks to be created on top of a common shared physical infrastructure. The virtual networks are then customized to meet the specific needs of applications, services, devices, customers or operators.

How Does It Relate To 5G?

With 5G, a single physical core network will be sliced into multiple virtual networks that can support different service types running across a single RAN (Radio Access Network).

What Will It Do?

Network slicing will play a critical role in 5G networks because it supports the multitude of use cases and new services that have very different requirements on the network in terms of functionality and performance.

Network slicing will maximize the flexibility of 5G networks, optimizing both the utilization of the infrastructure and the allocation of resources. This will enable greater energy and cost efficiencies compared to earlier mobile networks.

An autonomous car will rely on V2X (vehicle-to-anything) communication, which needs low latency and low throughput, while a passenger watching a streaming service requires a high throughput and is susceptible to latency. Only 5G can handle both at the same time.

Ultimately, NS will enable new products and services to be brought to market quickly, and be easily adapted as demand changes and evolves. This translates into more services for end users, and thus more revenue for operators.

How Does It Work?

Each virtual network (network slice) has an independent set of logical network functions that support the requirements of a particular project; ‘logical’ refers to software.

Each will be optimized to provide the resources and network topology for the specific service and traffic that will use the slice. Functions such as speed, capacity, connectivity and coverage will be allocated to meet the particular demands of each use case.

Functional components may also be shared across different network slices. Each will be completely isolated so that no slice can interfere with the traffic in another slice.

This lowers the risk of introducing and running new services, and also supports migration because new technologies or architectures can be launched on isolated slices.

It also has a security impact, because if a cyber attack breaches one slice the attack is contained and not able to spread beyond that slice.

Each will be configured with its own network architecture, engineering mechanism and network provisioning.

It will typically contain management capabilities, that are independently managed and orchestrated, and controlled by the network operator or the customer.

The user experience of the network slice will be the same as if it was a physically separate network.

The 5G bandwidth is so powerful that you can integrate quantum communications into ordinary 5G communications and make it standard. The Chinese are using quantum communications for sensitive data transmission inside China through fiber optic cable. Signals intelligence, SIGINT, is intelligence derived from electronic signals and systems used by foreign targets, such as communications systems, radars and weapons systems. Thus, USA’s ability to eavesdrop on everyone else will disappear soon.

Many people are seriously affected with "Infolepsis," a condition consisting of an ongoing and uncontrollable desire for, often useless, information, mostly picked up through their mobile phone.

The rapidly growing use of 5G seems to interfere with our oxygen uptake and greatly increases the risk of eye and testicular cancer. No one knows what the interaction of 5G does with other fields, such as UMTS, GSM, C-2000, Wi-Fi, LTE, digital TV signals, etc. A rat study revealed that GSM and Wi-Fi exposure resulted in twice as many tumors. Cancer has a strong correlation with cells that receive too little oxygen.

Even weak Wi-Fi such as the 10-m. variant Bluetooth, leaks cell membranes. Free radicals increased by radiation destroy the mitochondria. Broken cells divide and cancer cells can develop.

The only real safety standard around the negative health effects when being subjected to 5G waves is the ‘housing biological standard’. The safety standard for exposure is set at 0.1 μW/m². At this level the absorption of harmful iron has already tripled and there is already a change of calcium release in the brain. However, trees can get sick from a mere 0.7 μW/m².

The official standard, i.e. the standard imposed on much of the world by the 100% microwave technology-dependent US Dept of Defense, is not based on biological and medical facts, but on a test on a plastic head containing saline. This “test” (read disinformation trick) allows a load of 10,000,000 μW/m², a 100 million times higher than is justified from a health point of view.

For 5G, it has been further increased to the insane 20,000,000 μW/m². The ICNIRP, a private institution not officially accountable to any government, came up with this plastic fiber headline test to make it a "scientific consensus", using corrupt politicians and their pool of cut & paste journalists among the major newspapers and official news channels.

They looked at the distance at which the water in this artificial head warmed up and then applied the so-called "thermal effect standard" to the human body with its incredibly complex, sensitive, and entire dependency on bio-electric processes. Their Technicians stated that the body does not warm up with radiation.

Artificially created sky-high healthcare costs

Radiation complaints are almost always caused by (electrical) radiation and not by heat. Dr. U. Warnke of the University of Saarland showed how electric radiation causes a dozen very serious basic disturbances in our body. This manifests itself through nitrosative-oxidative stress, from which a range of known symptomatic radiation complaints arise, such as fatigue, aggression, depression, insomnia, as well as falsely diagnosed ADHD in children, high blood pressure, chronic flu and inflammation, headache, asthma, all types of cancer, leukemia etc.

His research result is supported by more than 8300 scientific studies and endless epidemiological material. However, our income-tax dependent government agencies allow us to be blasted sick at our own expense. After that, we pay more and more annually on health care costs and health insurance.

Oxygen deprivation around 5G radiation

5G at 60GHz is the ideal technology grid for Smart offices/homes, because it allows many different signals to cross each other to activate and monitor all electrical components in an office or home. Its wavelengths vary from a mere 1-10 mm.

However, the WIFI cloud reality of 5G at 60GHz can become extremely dangerous to our health, because the body will be unable to absorb the necessary amount of Oxygen to live a healthy life, as the electrons withing each O2 molecule start to behave and spin different from normal: thus, 5G/60GHz changes the nature of the O2 molecules.

It has to do with disturbing our EM field and all the consequences of this, as the oxygen molecules becomes highly absorbent of electromagnetic energy. It feels like O2 deprivation, when being very high up in the mountains, or in an airplane when the air pressure drops significantly.

Insurance policies not covering massive injuries from radiation anymore

In 2018, under pressure from the rapid rise of 5G, top insurers worldwide removed the radiation clause from all their policies.

So, it is up to you to protect yourself from EM radiation.

To better protect our brains and body, against viruses, bad bacteria & fungi, and Electro-Magnetic pollution we:
1. Bought a Himalayan pink Salt Lamp;
2. Developed our own Life H#rmonizer Applique’s;
3. Bought a Bio-electric Terminator Zapper;
4. Built our own Orgone Generator;
5. Bought Biofeedback equipment;
6. Bought a Gauss meter to measure the EMF radiation in our surrounding environments.

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