5' AMP-activated protein kinase is an enzyme that performs multiple functions in our body, such as:
• Inhibiting glycogen synthesis
• Stimulating glucose uptake in skeletal muscle
• Increasing mitochondrial (a cell’s “battery”) creation
• Stimulating glycolysis (the breakdown of glucose, or sugar)
• Stop synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol, and triglycerides
• Removal of unnecessary and dysfunctional components.

An enzyme is a protein that causes a chemical reaction.

AMPK (Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase) is inside each body-cell and serves as our body’s “master regulating switch”, our master metabolic molecule that influences how cells process energy, and compose their fat.

Cells in adults do not change in number but change in size. When they lose energy, they degrade. So does our health. When AMPK is activated, our cells do not make or store fat, but burn it. When the cell is emptied of toxic junk, optimal health, longevity and weight loss can occur.

AMPK is crucial to our health by promoting insulin sensitivity, a critical marker for optimal health. This enzyme also increases the production of mitochondria.

Our mitochondria are the most important component of our cells. They supply over 90% of our body’s energy needs by converting the food we eat and the air we breathe into usable energy. When they lose their ability to power-up, we age.

Why AMPK Levels Decline

Excess food intake, poor nutrition results in excess cellular metabolic debris inside our cells. This promotes inflammation, diminishes AMPK activity, and so our health.

Signs of AMPK Deficiency:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Increased Belly Fat
  • Elevated Blood Glucose
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Decrease in Mitochondrial Function
  • High Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

How To Activate AMPK

AMPK boosting compounds can be found in green tea, fruits, vegetables, turmeric, fish oil, and grains. Certain dietary strategies and food components influence AMPK activity:

Natural Nutrients That Activate AMPK:

  • EGCG: Plant phytochemical from green tea.
  • Curcumin: The active component in turmeric.
  • Fish Oil: the EPA and DHA in fish oil activates AMPK.
  • Quercetin: it increases AMPK in fat, muscle and liver.
  • Resveratrol: This antioxidant activates Sirt1 but AMPK activates it more directly.
  • Dietary Fiber: In beans, oat bran, nuts, seeds, psyllium seed husks, pears, apples, and vegetables.
  • Calorie Restriction: Dietary restriction such as fasting of any type, can effectively improve cardiac risk factors, improve insulin sensitivity and longevity.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: It can activate AMPK in tissues, particularly muscle tissue. This nutrient also helps reduce food intake through the suppression of AMPK in the hypothalamus.
  • Exercise: AMPK is stimulated by muscle contraction. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is powerfully effective in activating AMPK. This is simply 8 brief bouts of, e.g. 30 second all out intervals with 90 second slow down to a moderate pace.

red/blue berries

The supplement Active PK contains the following 3 elements:

  1. Gynostemma Pentaphyllum: An ancient Eastern herb known for its incredible ability to boost AMPK and help transfer excess fat into your mitochondria, where it’s used for energy. Studies show, it can:
    • Increase lean muscle
    • Boost cellular longevity
    • Improve cardiovascular performance
    • Increase metabolism and reduce weight gain
  2. Quercetin: A bio-flavonoid found in trace amounts in many fruits and vegetables. Studies show it can:
    • Increase endurance
    • Support a healthy immune system
    • Reduce sore muscles and achy joints
  3. Berberine: An alkaloid taken from a variety of plants and herbs and has many body-boosting benefits. Studies show its ability to:
    • Improve overall digestion
    • Increase longevity through AMPK activation
    • Target senescent cells, so healthy cells can thrive

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