4IR Marketing

4IR Marketing

Marketing in the 4IR

Although our world seems to look more and more like a techno-amusement park, the Primary goal still is acquiring new customers, using your Marketing Tools and a Meme:

  • The primary goal of the Marketing Tools is to get the prospect to either visit your physical or virtual location or call a toll-free number.
  • The primary goal of your physical or virtual location or toll-free message is the sale of your product or service and/or to obtain from your prospect a personalized permission for follow-up.
  • The purpose for frequent follow-up is using the permission to communicate to have the customer participate in the product development process and perpetually come back for more purchases.


Marketing as a mating ritual?

You and your prospects, explore the concept of Love

Goal: Transform cold prospects into consenting companions.

A deeper understanding of your prospect’s hot-buttons, allows you to select a meme (mental gene) that will resonate more powerful with them. Repeating the meme over and over is the key to success. The ritual's components are:

  1. Searching the field: With which group do you really resonate and have the proper chemistry?
  2. Getting to know your friends: Satisfy their Needs more than their Wants (may not be needed). Thru 101 and market research learn to understand the causes of their behaviors.
  3. Flirting: Market through personalized messages, with the goal of gaining consent rather than a sale.
  4. Courtship: Enter into dialogues with the ones you really like and know what to say to warm up the relationship. Present gifts as booklets, real gifts, newsletters, or updates by snail or e-mail.
  5. Making out: Market more intimately; send more personal information like a questionnaire or an invitation to an event, to better understand their specific problems, allowing you to make feasible promises.
  6. Foreplay: Give each prospect precisely what they want via dialogue by email, mail, phone, visit.
  7. Consummation: Closing the sale with mutual consent, with perfect timing. A lasting bond is then created.
  8. Afterglow: Committed and consistent personalized-follow-up solidifies the connection and encourages your new client to become a partner who loves to spread the word about your products and services.

When you view the Marketing Process as a mating ritual rather than a money ritual, your clients become consenting and delighted partners in a perpetual relationship.

Tell your story. A good story starts with a problem, goes through the painful process of solving the problem, and has a solution that is better than anything ever seen before.

First you listened to people, then you took care of people, but now you unite people under a vision they can believe in and trust and bond with.

The name of this game is: Customer Retention!

Recommended Reading: J.C. Levinson’s book Guerrilla Marketing, and any book from Philip Kotler.

The purchase funnel/vortex is used in marketing to guide promo-campaigns targeting different stages of the customer journey, and as a basis for converting online & offline prospects to "decide to purchase your product now!"