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Global & Asian Maps

Global & Asian Maps


Global Populations and GDP. How about IDI?

Size of Africa:

PMC Wagner as Russia's military arm in Africa

Dubai as Africa's mineral Trading exchange

Do we need to move again?

Most of Asian's past Civilizations


Asian Transportation Routes

Even in the 1400s, China's treasure fleet size and technology outsized & outpaced Europe's entire fleet greatly.
China's Naval fleet is now again the world's largest, plus it continues to churn out new ships faster than ever.

A single Chinese treasure ship could span over 420 ft
while Columbus’s Santa Maria, built in 1460, was a mere 117 ft

Today's routes are similar to the routes taken over 600 years ago

Retrofit, auto-adjustable, inflatable sails for all-size boats

Connectivity Atlas

Kishore Mahbubani explains the 7 pillars of Western Wisdom that have contributed to Asia's March to Modernity:

  1. Science and technology
  2. Free-market economics
  3. Culture of peace
  4. Pragmatism
  5. Meritocracy
  6. Rule of law
  7. Education

Asia’s March to Modernity was first achieved by Japan. It's success was emulated by the 4 economic tigers: S-Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Then China followed with its "4 Modernizations" program. Despite language challenges, it's 1980-2016 successes, inspired the rise of Russia and India.

China's Belt & Road initiative is further enhanced with a pan-Eurasian health connectivity. The various strains of C-virus pandemic accelerated this process. The Health Silk Road will run in parallel to the multiple overland Silk Road corridors and the Maritime Silk Roads.

The Health Silk Road is already in effect when we see China, Russia, and Cuba, sending teams of doctors and virologists as well as planes with medical equipment to Italy, and China sending drugs, test kits and supplies to Iran.

China initially lured key Italian fashion houses to outsource their production to China, mostly Wuhan. Then, in the early 90's, Chinese investors started to buy strings of factories in Italy, renovated them, and created their own, top 'Made in Italy' brands. To make that happen profitably, they brought in 100's of thousands of skilled Chinese seamstresses and their families.

Although the EU/US dogs of China-Russia demonization continue barking, the Health/Sea/Land Silk Roads caravans follow their own steady course.

Bilateral Trades

Connectography: Choose your connections

Nilius Group

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