Quantum Conditioning

Quantum Conditioning

Quantum Conditioning

The way of the New Physics, Quantum Physics

A critical component in applying the science of Noölogy in day-to-day life is the practice of Quantum Conditioning.

Quantum Reality Shifting (QRS) is a method, within Quantum Theory, for people to source fresh ideas, answers, and skills from alternate versions of themselves.

It is a multidimensional awareness of an infinite number of alternate realities, whereby your Quantum Reality is what you choose it to be and then shift or 'jump' into that:

Quantum Conditioning uses QRS plus it also conditions the quantum field that surrounds and permeates your body such that any form of resistance to that new reality is gradually neutralized.

Quantum Conditioning is a method of Selfcure through the Management of your Attention.

Our method operates both at the ground level and at the level where everything is possible, which is:

the Quantum Information Field level:

part of the dematerialized, invisible, meta-physical, and
multidimensional world of quantum field physics,
the playground of today's technologies

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