Attention Mgmt Playshops

Attention Mgmt Playshops

Attention Management Playshops

Can we emerge from our present state only via an emergency?

Weekend Retreats:

Tools & Practices for the purpose of getting what you want to achieve, by permanently removing any obstacles to it:

  1. Why the Wellness Wheel
  2. Benefits of Belly Breathing
  3. Aspects of Attention Management:
    • Broad Focus versus Narrow Focus
    • Object Focus versus Space Focus
    • Attention divided between various sources
    • Attention being pulled versus deliberately directed
    • Attention beam goes External (5 senses) versus Internal
  4. Brief practice of Key #1: Exhortation Formula
  5. Brief practice of Key #2: Appreciative Attention
  6. Practice our unique Visualization Alpha State Procedure.



The goal of the weekend retreats is to get what you want by overcoming any inner resistance, inherited genetically, to the anchoring the 2 major Keys in your mind & heart.

The purpose of the week retreats is to practice the remaining 12 HC Tools that diagnose, fine-tune, amplify and accelerate the effectiveness of these major 2 keys.