Attention Mgmt Playshops

Attention Mgmt Playshops

Attention Management Playshops

Can we emerge from our present state only via an emergency?

Weekend Retreats:

Tools & Practices for the purpose of getting what you want to achieve, by permanently removing any obstacles to it:

  1. Why the Wellness Wheel
  2. Benefits of Belly Breathing
  3. Aspects of Attention Management:
    • Broad Focus versus Narrow Focus
    • Object Focus versus Space Focus
    • Attention divided between various sources
    • Attention being pulled versus deliberately directed
    • Attention beam goes External (5 senses) versus Internal
  4. Brief practice of Key #1: Exhortation Formula
  5. Brief practice of Key #2: Appreciative Attention
  6. Brief practice of Visualization + Alpha State


The goal of the weekend retreats is to get what you want by overcoming any inner resistance, inherited genetically, to the anchoring the 2 major Keys in your mind & heart.

The purpose of the week retreats is to practice the remaining 12 HC Tools that diagnose, fine-tune, amplify and accelerate the effectiveness of these major 2 keys. We call it Quantum Conditioning.