Data Management Platform DMP

AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) appears to be dead, probably because this process has now become too slow.

The new BIG DMP infrastructure will allow us to capture and make sense of data in minutes or seconds at volumes and velocities unimaginable a few years ago.

The continuously incoming & outgoing currents of data agglomerate into a valuable Current Asset, to be listed on the Balance Sheet. Thus, BIG DATA should be treated like a currency, and traded like an Asset.

After unifying our data-in and data-out into a single umbrella-wide platform, we can apply the 5 W’s and HOW of Data Driven Marketing:

  1. WHO: Who is the best prospective individual to contact?
  2. WHY: Why does he/she want it, when they want it?
  3. WHAT: What is the best message(s)?
  4. WHERE: Which are the best media for interaction?
  5. WHEN: When is the best time to send the message(s)?

HOW to make DDM real for our agglomerations of excellent companies?

  1. Design a Plan + Launch a DCOE, a Data Center Of Excellence!
  2. Execute – Organize – Optimize the DD Marketing Plan together!

We should avoid the following pitfalls:

  • Lack of risk analyses.
  • Lack of clear goals for data transformation and use. 
  • Lack of a designated Leader who is fully vested in this.
  • Lack of transparency and interaction amongst the partners, as data transformation entails complex coordination. Any tribalism will cripple the plans.
  • Lack of acknowledgement of success. Celebrate each small win in order to build momentum in this process across all businesses under the co-op umbrella.

When our goals and budgets are shared, it is in everybody’s interest to pursue the outcomes together as a group. Therefore, persuade all participants in this process of career + financial benefits of getting behind an all-up data strategy. One way is to focus on RTB, “Reason To Belief”.

Our perspectives on DDM:

  • Realize that you have more data than you think.
  • There is no ultimate truth, just more or less useful perspectives.
  • Do NOT judge but embrace the Human Be(com)ing, who is automatically changed by each new experience it faces, and then reacts to.

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