Human Capital Tools

Human Capital Tools


The 4th Industrial Revolution holds unique opportunities to revolutionize humans and improve human behavior, the communication between them, and resolving their conflicts.

Besides the complete collection of Financial Management tools that we offer our Partners, we also make available an entire suite of Personal Productivity tools, beginning with the Attention Management Playshops. Another one is Question Based Conversations. For the social media addictionados we have the Digital Dependence Detox Events.

Equity is often the Product of lots of Mental + Emotional Attention Energy plus Physical Energy invested in something. Emotion is Energy in motion. Let mind+energy work for you:

  • A Private Equity (PEq) Investor usually invests only Private Currency into a project or enterprise,
  • An Entrepreneur usually invests Private Currency plus Private Energy into his enterprise,
  • An Employee or Contractor usually invests Private Energy into the Entrepreneur's enterprise.

If every employee is perceived by him/herself and his/her employer as a Private Energy (PEn) Investor, rather then just a laborer whose job may eventually be taken over by self-learning computer programs and 6D-Robots, then he/she will mentally & emotionally shift their identity of Self, and see themselves and their workplace community-colleagues different.

As a result, they often become a more cooperative, responsible, emphatic, enthusiastic, energized, and imaginative "Smart Idea Generator", participating and sharing in the earnings and earnings-growth of those parts of the company they are directly involved in.

A "Smart Idea Generator" opens her/his mind by asking a question like "How can I as a Private Energy Investor ...". An employee closes her/his mind by making a statement like "I can't ...".

Success has to come from spirituality, not from finance and the material, because we belong not to the body, we belong to the universe.

Then they become both a PEn Investor and PEq Investor in their own workplace, and may master the power of money, by learning to avoid the trap caused by the Emotions of fear and desire.

This worker-democracy and cooperative-community situation usually leads to the most efficient and most productive use of someone's knowledge, skills and talents.


Attention Mgmt Playshops

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Question Based Conversations

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Digital Dependence Detox Events

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Personal Productivity Tools

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