Win-Win Solutions!

Win-Win Solutions!

Win-Win Solutions!

Agglomeration 3.0

Mid Term

Our professionals in Data & Process Management, and Financial- & Social-Reengineering apply forensic methods to uncover profit losses, inefficiencies, and workplace issues.

You may implement any recommendations yourself, or you can ask us to coach you and your staff in more financial literacy, or with any part of the changes required to create a more proactive and empowering workplace for employees.

How about raising the ceiling of competence of your management team to a more resilient set-up with better returns of your time and money investments?

If our recommendations are implemented, the enhanced productivities & efficiencies will lead to a much improved bottom line and value of the company.

Reconfiguring both workflow and management practices creates a win-win: it captures your personnel's best competencies and improves both profit and morale. As a result, letting go of people is seldom needed.

Agglomeration 4.0

Long Term


Did you quantify your financial gains vs costs from the education/training investments in your employees as separate Human Capital items on your Balance Sheet?

  1. Human Capital is defined as the sum total of the attention, skills, talents, knowledge, character, and experience, embodied in every individual you contracted with.
  2. Human Potential Capital is the same sum total, but then multiplied by the individual's multi-dimensional DNA efficiency factor, which is about 30% for most people.
  3. Total Factor Productivity (TFP), which measures all the economic inputs not explained by productivity of labor and capital, such as: technical skills, management capabilities, organizational competence, accumulated knowhow, the ability to develop & apply technology.

We specialize in analyzing this Human-centered DNA factor & JOY Index and help facilitate the implementation of tools that will quickly increase this factor, and decrease the biases.

Then your staff members will become more enthusiastic and imaginative "Smart Idea Generators", who share in the 'surplus' or earnings and earnings-growth of those parts of the company they are directly involved in as Private Energy (PEn) Investors, rather then just laborers whose job may eventually be taken over by self-learning computer programs and 6D-Robots.

"The moment you, as employee, get paid, your brain goes dead. Entrepreneurs work for free, thus are hungry, thus their brain keeps working. Eventually, money follows." A question opens the mind. A statement closes the mind.

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