Reconfiguring Specialists

Reconfiguring Specialists

Reconfiguring Specialists

The main purpose of a survey of your business is to quickly find out:

  • where your income has been silently eroding over the past 4 years;
  • what the main problems are that caused that to happen.

Then you have 2 options:

  1. fix them yourselves, or
  2. have us help you with this.

After we have fixed some of these causes, using remediation and other tools, together with your staff, we will be remunerated in cash and company stock, that we may sell back to the owners when done, at an agreed upon rate of the new value of the company.

Agglomeration 2.0

Short Term

If you so desire, we can determine if your company qualifies for an Agglomeration 2.0. Partnership. If you qualify, then it is up to you to decide to join our cooperative umbrella company.

If yes, then we will begin to look for more cash in your operation by:

  • Cutting your outstanding debt, without any changes to your operations, sales or marketing,
  • Injecting up to 15% of your annual revenue back into the business as cash, without any operational changes, such as dismissal, work hours reduction, wage cutting, or outsourcing,
  • Uncovering hidden profits, without increasing sales,
  • Improving cashflow, operating efficiencies, and productivity.

After the 1-2 day survey, you receive a clear, concise, easy to understand diagnosis of why and where your income has been silently eroding.

We specialize in surveying and mapping an organization's work- and document-flow, and then suggest improvements.

Your time is limited and valuable. So, all terms are discussed and agreed upon beforehand. No fine print, pressure, hidden cost or hidden obligation. All terms are in plain language.

All the above will finance the realization of an organization that has no more short or long term cashflow problems, and thus can support the lifestyle you had envisioned.

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