About Christine

About Christine

About Christine Mclachlan

Christine's 35+ year career path spans many industries. Her energy, curiosity, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, and ability to streamline processes, and facilitate better methods and management made her a game-changer, bringing both small and large companies to their next level.

Beginning in the plastic film packaging industry in the late '80s, Christine worked with many industry sectors in the area of environmental awareness, and forged partnerships with nascent plastic recycling companies.

She served on various national industry committees to create awareness campaigns, and to create better understanding and co-operation between industry and citizens environmental groups, focusing on achieving win-win outcomes.

Work in printed packaging led her into the printing industry at the start of the digital revolution in design and publishing.

She developed the world's first commercial standard prepress specifications & workflow for digital flexographic plate making, successfully piloted for the relaunch of Kimberly-Clark's entire line of Feminine Care protection packaging.

Her entrepreneurial spirit called her to start up her own print marketing company at the beginning of the big data driven era.

She designed and implemented a database-driven model of print marketing that was widely and successfully used in the home furnishings industry.

After selling this company she moved forward with her database design skills in order to design, develop and launch lesson planning software for elementary school teachers in both North Carolina and New Hampshire school systems.

Her skills in analyzing and designing information and workflow solutions for both the public and private sectors developed into a full-time management consulting practice for several law firms, banks, non-profit institutions, professional practices, and smaller businesses.

In all cases, her unique ability to diagnose and re-engineer core issues, and create win-win solutions resulted in improved workflow, better efficiencies, cost recovery and a healthier work environment.

Christine is now a lead investor in a company dedicated to acquiring small and medium sized (SME) enterprises for the purposes of bringing them to their next level using Agglomeration.