The 4th Non-Eastasian Spiritual Revolution (4SR)

The western world has seen 4 Spiritual Revolutions:

1SR: Worshipping One NT-God vs OT-God and many Gods (Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Pagan religions). Started ≈ 30 AD.

2SR: Worshipping Allah, according to Mohammad's teachings, that also forbid idolatry of other beings. Started ≈ 600 AD.

3SR: Worshipping One Universal God and no more idolatry of Saints or other Deities: The Reformation. Started ≈ 1500 AD.

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4SR: No worshipping of any body or being. You, curing your physical body & non-physical being. Started ≈ 1900 AD.

  • Revolution of Consciousness (Blavatsky, Steiner, Christ within the Self, rediscovery of early Christian Gospels)
  • Revolution of Self-sustainability
  • Revolution of Self-sovereignty
  • Revolution of Consumerism
  • Revolution of Communism
  • Revolution of Mormonism
  • Revolution of Capitalism
  • Worship of Currency($)
  • Revolution of Marxism
  • Revolution of Socialism
  • Revolutionary Awakening
  • Revolution of Virtual Realities
  • Revolution against Imperialism
  • Revolution of Buddhism in the West
  • Revolution of the Feminine Force in each of us
  • Revolution against any form of slavery: The Human Being as an Attention+Physical Energy-Investor collaborating with Equity-Investors.
  • Energy defined as:
    • Quality: education, experience, idea-generation
    • Quantity: energy driving your attention over time

The information we find online about the above subjects is often colored or simply fake. Many of us communicate with people all over the globe online and face to face.

For a better understanding of each other, we believe, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the main underlying current that geopolitics is dealing with now.

We therefore compiled factual and verifiable information that better explains the history of this main current. If you are interested, click on the blocks below:

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Eurasian Heartland

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Global & Asian Maps

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China Modernization

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Oriental Languages

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