The 4th Non-Eastasian Metaphysical Revolution (4MR)

The western world has seen 4 Metaphysical Revolutions:

1MR: Worshipping One NT-God vs OT-God and many Gods (Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Pagan religions). Started ≈ 30 AD.

2MR: Worshipping Allah, according to Mohammad's teachings, that also forbid idolatry of other beings. Started ≈ 600 AD.

3MR: Worshipping One Universal God and no more idolatry of Saints or other Deities: The Reformation. Started ≈ 1500 AD.

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4MR: No worshipping of any body or being. You, the individual, through the God Within, curing your physical body & meta-physical being. Started ≈ 1900 AD. Accelerated after 2016:

  • Revolution of Consciousness (Blavatsky, Steiner, Christ within the Self, rediscovery of early Christian Gospels, abstract art)
  • Revolution of Self-sustainability
  • Revolution of Self-sovereignty
  • Revolution of Consumerism
  • Revolution of Mormonism
  • Revolution of Capitalism
  • Worship of Currency($)
  • Revolution of Socialism
  • Revolution of Liberalism
  • Revolution of Humanism
  • Revolutionary Awakening
  • Revolution of Virtual Realities
  • Revolution against Imperialism
  • Revolution of Buddhism in the West
  • Revolution of the Feminine Force in each of us
  • Revolution of Marxism & Communism, the first techno-religion/ideology,
  • Revolution against any form of slavery: The Human Being as an Attention+Physical Energy-Investor collaborating with Equity-Investors.
  • Energy defined as:
    • Quality: education, experience, idea-generation
    • Quantity: energy driving your attention over time

Metaphysicality or Spirituality is about questions! Religion is about answers. Data is about answers, thus Dataism is the new Religion, gradually replacing Money as the central myth of history! 'Big Brother' is slowly disintegrating!

Computers + Biology

The merging of the Twin-Revolutions of AI/Info-tech and Bio-tech/Gen-tech, where most Info-tech feeding the computers will come from human bodies via bio-metric sensors rather than use of the Internet, will be by far the biggest and most important aspect of the 4th Industrial/Spiritual Revolution. It may undermine our concept of humanity and may shake the humanist foundation of our human civilization. Humanism, the liberal idea/belief that human feelings are the ultimate source of authority, may become obsolete.

Digital dictatorships

a = b x c x d
a = ability to hack humans
b = biological knowledge
c = computing power
d = data


Feelings vs Intelligence
Right brain vs Left Brain?

Feelings do NOT equal consciousness.
Feelings are bio-physical actions derived from consciousness !

Liberalism and Humanism, a religion?, is about listening to yourselves, following your heart, and be true to your Self. As no one else can better understand your feelings and thoughts than you, no one should have absolute authority over your life. Liberal/Human politics means the voter knows best. Thus governments should serve the voter. Liberal/Humanist economics says the customer is always right and knows best. So businesses serve the customer. Liberal/Humanist aesthetics states that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, like how someone feels about a work of art. Liberal/Humanist ethics states that if it feels good, do it. Liberal/Humanist education teaches people to think for themselves, whereby Authority comes from within yourself, your feelings and 'free will', not from outside.

4IR Science is proving that the latter is a myth. Feelings do not reflect free will, they are bio-chemical algorithms. Give computers enough data and power to compute them, then an external system can understand you better than you can understand yourself.

It's All about Story-telling
Facts, Fictions, or Fantasies ?

The real aim of Science is not truth, but power through knowledge. It forms alliances with "religions", whereby the latter tells us how to execute that power through story-telling.

Science states that there are 2 processes, deterministic and random (quantum level), whereby random is not freedom (freedom an empty concept?). Humans have desires and will, but are not really free to choose their desires. Thus their feelings do not reflect any kind of free choice/will. During natural selection in all species, these feelings have evolved as biochemical algorithms for making decisions. They are NOT based on free intuitions but on calculating probabilities for survival and reproduction. All emotions are calculations from a huge database, accumulated over eons of time, made in the R-brain within a split-second, expressed as a feeling, and below our level of awareness.

Thus, an algorithm is a story expressed in a set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

Advances in neuroscience give us the biological understanding plus advances in computer science, like machine learning and AI, give us the needed computing power to be able to hack and then understand what goes on in our bodies. As a result, authority will shift from human feelings to computer algorithms, already controlling the currency and stock/bond markets, because these algorithms take also into account the situation inside millions of similar bodies around the world.

Now the algorithm, instead of the customer, is always right, because it can predict and manipulate the feelings of the customer. The Amazon kindle can read you while you read the e-book. Which page you slow down, speed up, or stop, etc. Soon, facial recognition software can record which pages makes you laugh, cry, bored, or angry. When kindle would be connected to bio-sensors in/on your body, the algorithm will know the emotional impact of each sentence you read, via blood-pressure, heart-rate, adrenaline level, brain-activity readings, etc. You may forget certain sections of the book, but the algorithm will always remember everything.

When finished reading, the algorithm knows you now better than you yourself. It knows now your personality type, and how to press your emotional buttons. Now, it can advise you what to study, where to live, and whom to marry, etc, with far greater accuracy than you yourself. If its answers appear to be very good, you begin to rely on it until you no longer can make decisions yourself, like using navigation-software or search-engines.

If an algorithm can decide for you, it can also replace you. A new 'useless people' class/caste will be created in the economic system only if bio-tech and info-tech merge, because AI alone can improve/replace physical human abilities, but cannot replace drivers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. The combination, however, will do that.

Look for the story behind the story !

How can we outrun algorithms? Invest heavily in the human mind and/or our consciousness? Is then an idea-generator the only job left?

As voting for candidates is based on human feelings, then info/bio-tech based algorithms can replace human voters. Democracy is already or becomes an emotional puppet-show, where politicians play on fear, etc.

In a free market, nobody is in charge of everything, and info flows freely. When AI and Big Data are stored in one place, data processing works more efficient than when decentralized.

Now a new kind of dictatorship, a digital dictatorship can arise, by dispersing disinformation via fake news and hyper-realistic deep-fake video clips, created with AI that can make people appear do or say things they never did, by synthesizing real-looking fake faces with coherent text, voices of friends, family, etc.

The new idea of the 4IR era is that organisms become algorithms, which can hack organisms, including homo sapiens. Then algorithms can create new kinds of organisms, new organic beings, cyborgs that combine organic with inorganic elements, and eventually completely inorganic beings. This will be the greatest revolution in biology in earth's history, because it appears to us that life on earth evolved via natural selection and carbon-based bio-organic chemistry. Why is this happening now?

Our Intelligent Design + Google/Microsoft cloud-based data (data-colonialism) might replace this as the basic driving force of the evolution of life as we know it. Artificially creating new life in the in-organic realm: self-replicating, evolving non-carbon, inorganic cells like salts, metalloids, acids, sand, and water that would essentially be alive.

AI Brain

Stories of the Mind + Imagination

Our present mind is an accumulation of stories about the cultural journey of the homo sapiens for 2.5 million years. Thus, the human brain is biological, but the mind is cultural. Since the mind is a cultural product, it is vulnerable to power relations just like other forms of culture. Hence it will affect the way we see ‘truth’. After evolving for 2.5 million years, are we getting smarter? Apparently not. Is the main product of the human mind in the 21st century then stupidity?

Why is the human mind creating a robotic mind that would render the human mind obsolete? Why let the AI-brain make many of the decisions? Because emotions play no part or it can do this faster? In the digital era the most important power is gained through “connectivity and update-ability". AI does this faster and better than our social systems who develop much slower, because of lack of trust, decennia of education, and other issues. Compared to AI, humans are just a bundle of inefficient nerves. No wonder we are being made redundant.

After AI, the second one on the list of human stupidity is twisted logic. Have we grown wiser after 2.5 million years? Staying sane is Key amidst the inconsistent way of thinking that humans perpetuate to entertain both temporally and spatially. So, apparently not, because Humans think in stories rather than in facts. And stories humans make up are often more believable than the empirical facts.

Take religious stories in literature. Although most people belief that truth and belief are directly related. In reality they are inversely related. Often, strong beliefs are needed precisely when the story is not true. The less evidence we have, the higher level of belief is required. The less data people have, the more stories people create. What happens next is that we have a group of powerful people who create stories, and another group of less powerful people who believe those stories. Doesn’t this sound like the practice of religion?

The more religious we are, the more we think we know God. We know exactly what He thinks about fashion, food, sex, politics, etc. Humans never run out of ideas & excuses to vilify others by using God as a backup. If we are taught to be humble, then telling people that they are sinful is not humble.

Sadly we pass judgment all the time by bragging about our own religion. Many people believe that their religion is the center of the world, and their culture is the linchpin of human history, because it starts with their religion. This belief has been culturally handed down for untold generations. "Dinosaur-old" stories determine their truth. Is the current digitally savvy generation rendering them obsolete?

Is racism becoming outdated, because you cannot discriminate against people based on what they cannot change? Thus, people will discriminate against something that they can force to change, which is culture. This new breed of culturists is the result of a high level of human mobility and migration.

Two groups of people with different cultural backgrounds merging will create a mixed-culture. But which group should change more? We were here first, so you go change more. The fight still continues.

Ironically, it is not migration but war which makes people want to learn another culture. The US learned the most about the Russian culture during the Cold War, because they posed a threat. The advantage of "stories" is that they can easily be changed and adapted to the desires of the ruling elite. Humans have an incredible capacity to re-invent older stories.

Although humans live longer now, how do we emotionally survive? Education and Mindfulness of your mind? Since the Internet is better about providing information, education is about choosing which bits of info to pick, and make decisions based on a well informed mind. Also, education institutions should teach that “Change is the only constant”.

Since AI has done most of the thinking for us, our left brain has been neglected. More right brain meditation could be an answer, or take ample time to contemplate and “observe reality as it is”, what is real, using suffering as the check-test, instead of deeper immersing in myth stories and mythologies of for example human love. Ancient "stories" should NOT cloud our minds.

Our data hijacked, processed, and sold globally


One of the greatest reformers of the 19th century, Swami Dayanand Saraswati said: The Vedas are the supreme authority in the ascertainment of true religion — the true conduct of life. Whatever is enjoined by the Vedas we hold to be right, whilst whatever is condemned by them is believed to be wrong. Therefore, we say that our religion is Vedism.

Fictional entities, like Corporations, Capitalism, Economic Growth, Communism, and Governments, are essentially stories told by lawyers that by themselves cannot suffer like humans, but will continue to pay homage to our fictional individuality and unique human needs. However, in order to service us they will need to “break us up into biochemical subsystems”, all of them permanently monitored by powerful algorithms.

Its dystopian political aspect is: the early Dataism adopters will be the only ones with any real power left and it will be relatively unchallenged. Gaining entry into this new super-elite will be incredibly hard. You’ll need heroic levels of education plus being excessively scrupulous about marrying your personal and fictional identities with intelligent machines.

Homo Deus vs Homo Stella

Then you belief you can become one of the new “gods”, a Homo Deus, belonging to a small priestly caste of techno-elites and robot-overlords who acquire the skills and proprietary algorithms (command-stories) to re-engineer the human eco-system of brains, bodies and minds — the main products of the 21st century.

You will have access to the 'ultimate source of knowledge', and take over the world, whereby the rest of humanity are simply tools in your vast schemes. Could the future be a digitally supercharged version of the distant past: ancient Vedism or ancient Egypt multiplied by the power of Facebook, or just each Human being also a Homo Stella?

The human as the micro-cosmic jewel of the Cosmos

Consciousness & Awareness

However, the higher awareness & consciousness of our souls can never be hacked as it is NOT a series of biological, biochemical, or electro-chemical signals causing subjective experiences, but they are invisible and linked directly to higher dimensions of consciousness via our Multi-Dimensional-DNA.

We can only achieve immortality and god-like powers if twin-star souls re-unite and together clear up all their past karmic trauma remnants ("Spirits"?), so as to set themselves free from the past, their stories, and all their fictional institutions.

Then the consciousness and voice of their higher-Self can take full control of all functions of their body and brain, without any external influence. Only then can the body/brain become immortal and express true god-like powers, so as to better deal with the global problems and to envision a wider horizon of human possibilities.

How can you follow your heart when it is constantly monitored and manipulated by algorithms? Is this the biggest question in the 21st century?

Giant silicon hexagonal tubes created in an ancient inorganic world?


The Information stories we find online about the above subjects are often colored or simply fake. Many of our conversational stories are with people all over the globe, online and face to face.

For a better understanding of each other, we believe, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the main underlying current that geopolitics is dealing with now.

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